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Nirvana In Fire Chapter 8 Translation

Chapter 8: Entering the Capital

From Fu Zhou, they traveled for ten or so days via the main waterway of the River Fen till they docked at Ling Gorge. From there it took another ten days or so, over land passing through Hui Zhou, before the walls of Jin Ling came into sight. On the way, all of Mei Changsu’s time was basically split between the two brothers; while on the boat, all of his time was spent with Xiao Jingrui, giving him advice on his martial arts and pointers on handling challenges, eventually moving on to the strategies and the art of war. After they moved to land, all of his time was spent with Xie Bi, who sought advice on economics and politics. Mei Changsu was always occupied and barely ever had a moment of free time. So it was not until the smokey willow trees of the capital appeared before their eyes, did the three realize that the long and distant journey had come to an end – it had felt so short and indolent. Continue reading “Nirvana In Fire Chapter 8 Translation”