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Lost Love in Times: Translation to the Song “Because of You”

Lost Love in Times Opening Theme

This is the translation for the second opening theme to “Lost Love in Times” starring Chen Weiting (William Chan) and Liu Shishi. Remember that this was a pretty quick, rough translation, so it’s definitely not perfect 🙂 You can listen to the song here.

Note: Although “相思玲珑” directly means exquisite lovesickness, what I believe the song is referring to is the exquisite love that causes lovesickness, and thus I translated it to “exquisite love” rather than “exquisite lovesickness.”

Because of You (因你)

“Lost Love in Times” Main Theme

  William Chan (Chen Weiting)

  Lyrics: Cui Shu

  Composer: Gordon Yick

  Producer: Liao Zhihua

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