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Nirvana In Fire Chapter 11 Translation

Rougher translation as my lovely friends have not edited and given suggestions! Feel free to give suggestions 🙂

Chapter 11: Xiao Jingning

When Xiao Jingning walked into the restaurant dressed in a pale blue robe with a brocade silk sash tied around her waist, jeweled shoes on her feet, and a fan in her hand that she occasionally used to block half of her face– she looked just like a dapper scholar. Unfortunately, other than herself, just about everyone else could tell that she was a girl dressed as a boy. 

However, the capital was filled with nobility and there were many eccentric habits of the nobles as well. Seeing the girl’s unmistakable air of nobility, it was evident that she was of high status, and thus everyone acted as if they did not see through her act. Even the waiter called her a “gentleman,” as if he could not in the slightest tell that she was a young lady.
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