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Nirvana in Fire Chapter 114 Translation

Hoping everyone is staying safe from COVID-19! I am currently practicing social distancing, and everyone is required to be in self-quarantine as there is a required shelter in place lockdown. All my university classes have moved online, but it seems that professors are doubling the workload. I’m working through as much as I can, and am excited to announce that Lang Ya Scribe and I are working together to hopefully collaborate and get more chapters out to everyone! 

Chapter 114: Resentment

As the first frost began to settle in, the required statistics of each province’s autumn harvests were slowly being received by the court. Due to the summer and spring drought, many province officials reported disasters, with some places having locust plagues resulting in not a single grain being harvested. Famine refugees scattered everywhere begging for food, and the situation was very serious. Prince Yu, in order to boost his reputation, announced that he would be cutting down on personal spendings, and donated thirty thousand pieces of silver to improve the conditions for the citizens, in addition to the Ministry of Revenue’s own disaster relief fund. He won widespread praise for his actions. Prince Jing on the other hand, never had a wealthy background and was also providing for a large group of orphans in his army–Consort Jing was unable to provide assistance in this aspect either, and thus Prince Jing seemed less generous and paled in comparison. Continue reading “Nirvana in Fire Chapter 114 Translation”