Nirvana In Fire, Translation

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After years since this project was first taken up by myself and many other people, it has finally come to a close as all 174 chapters have been translated! I’m glad to have been able to connect and collaborate with star-shadows (LYS) and Dawn (LYN) on this project, and proud to have contributed a small amount to this effort.

Here is the ePub & PDF link, compiled by the lovely Merelhy:

Thanks to everyone all this time for the supportive comments and for reading! Starting my first chapter (Chapter 7) as a high-schooler so many years ago (5?) has made me realize the change in quality from my first few to later chapters, so thank you everyone for bearing with me and still always being so kind 🙂

Nirvana In Fire, Translation

New Collaboration & Chapters 120-135

As you may have seen from LYS, we’ve been pretty caught up with things and have not been able to translate regularly, so I’m super excited to announce an addition to our collaboration with Dawn! She has the next few chapters translated, which you can find below. Now that I am pursuing a double degree (with double minors!), my course load has drastically increased, but I will still be doing what I can to update and translate every once in awhile. For now, enjoy Dawn’s translations!

Chapter 120: Hidden Thorns

Chapter 121: Ties of Affection

Chapter 122: Right and Wrong

Chapter 123: The Beginning

Chapter 124: Hidden Hands

Chapter 125: Old Letter

Chapter 126: Puzzles

Chapter 127: Catastrophe

Chapter 128: Crisis (1)

Chapter 129: Crisis (2)

Chapter 130: Confrontation (1)

Chapter 131: Confrontation (2)

Chapter 132: Confrontation (3)

Chapter 133: Fatal Blow

Chapter 134: Old Case

Chapter 135: The Emperor’s Way

Nirvana In Fire, Translation

Nirvana in Fire Chapter 119 Translation

Chapter 119: Palace Debate

Yet Fei Liu’s waiting did not result in the arrival of Prince Jing, as Xiao Jingyan was not even in his prefecture. Although the bloody showdown at the west city gate was not known in advance by the Capital Patrol, it’s not as if they would continue to be blind to the happenings after. Before long, Prince Jing received the report stating that the Xuanjing Bureau had escorted a serious criminal, and was ambushed at the city gates. Due to the fact that the Xuanjing Bureau was directly under imperial jurisdiction and followed its own independent procedures, oftentimes, relevant ministries and departments of the court were not notified of their operations. Originally, Prince Jing didn’t think much of the happenings and only notified Capital Patrol Commander Ouyang to keep a careful watch. If the Xuanjing Bureau intended to round up all criminals who participated in the ambush, unless they had an openly announced imperial decree, they would be required to coordinate with the Capital Patrol to set up the operation and avoid unnecessarily disturbing the citizens. After confirming this protocol with the commander, he went to visit his critically ill royal uncle, Prince Li. Unlike when he was once unnoticed and unfavored by the Emperor, Xiao Jingyan’s current status had now changed like day and night. When he arrived at the Prince Li Prefecture, out of the other visitors of the imperial family and members of the court, there wasn’t a single one who didn’t rush to exchange conventional greetings with him. After engaging in pointless conversations out of courtesy, it was already after noon. At this time, Ouyang Ji rushed to report that there was no communication from the Xuanjing Bureau at all, but that they didn’t begin conducting any unauthorized searches in the capital city either. It was as if they didn’t care for the escaped ambushees at all, and instead concentrated all their manpower on heavily guarding the newly imprisoned criminal in the Xuanjing Bureau. Continue reading “Nirvana in Fire Chapter 119 Translation”

Nirvana In Fire, Translation

Nirvana in Fire Chapter 117 Translation

Hope everyone is staying safe still! Life has been busy, I’ve been taking summer courses while also doing 1.5 internships (technically 2, but one only counts as 0.5 since the format changed due to COVID), and also teaching in the morning. We are still shooting for a chapter a month!

Chapter 117: Crisis

“Someone with an injury?” Yan Yujin looked around and asked, “Who?”

“Did you see someone or not?”

“I was in the carriage earlier.” Yan Yujin patted the coachman and asked, “Did you see anyone?”

The coachman shook his head. 

Xia Qiu knitted his eyebrows slightly. Did he chase in the wrong direction? Otherwise, the Yan carriage must have run into the fugitive. Unless… Continue reading “Nirvana in Fire Chapter 117 Translation”

Dramas, Nirvana In Fire, Translation

Nirvana in Fire Chapter 116 Translation

I have been meaning to finish and post this chapter, but it has been very busy with midterm season… Workload has been pretty crazy, especially with everything being online. Here is the next chapter, thank you for your patience!

Chapter 116: Ambush

Continuous snowfall was suddenly interrupted on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month. The skies cleared, and a sun that seemed especially golden and warm rose in the sky. However, after a night of clear skies in the capital city, it became more dry and cold, with foggy condensation following every breath taken. The piercing cold seemed as if it was about to freeze all internal organs, flowing into the body through the lungs. Continue reading “Nirvana in Fire Chapter 116 Translation”

Dramas, Nirvana In Fire, Translation

Nirvana in Fire Chapter 114 Translation

Hoping everyone is staying safe from COVID-19! I am currently practicing social distancing, and everyone is required to be in self-quarantine as there is a required shelter in place lockdown. All my university classes have moved online, but it seems that professors are doubling the workload. I’m working through as much as I can, and am excited to announce that Lang Ya Scribe and I are working together to hopefully collaborate and get more chapters out to everyone! 

Chapter 114: Resentment

As the first frost began to settle in, the required statistics of each province’s autumn harvests were slowly being received by the court. Due to the summer and spring drought, many province officials reported disasters, with some places having locust plagues resulting in not a single grain being harvested. Famine refugees scattered everywhere begging for food, and the situation was very serious. Prince Yu, in order to boost his reputation, announced that he would be cutting down on personal spendings, and donated thirty thousand pieces of silver to improve the conditions for the citizens, in addition to the Ministry of Revenue’s own disaster relief fund. He won widespread praise for his actions. Prince Jing on the other hand, never had a wealthy background and was also providing for a large group of orphans in his army–Consort Jing was unable to provide assistance in this aspect either, and thus Prince Jing seemed less generous and paled in comparison. Continue reading “Nirvana in Fire Chapter 114 Translation”

Dramas, Nirvana In Fire, Translation

Nirvana in Fire Chapter 113 Translation

In February, we finally got snow and I thought we would have a snow day, which would mean no school. Instead, we still had school and I had to walk to class in the freezing cold, and it was slippery with the ice too. How sad. That didn’t stop me from starting this translation instead of my reading though… And now, I have finally finished it–the translations towards the end become progressively rougher, but I feel that it is still postable. It’s already been quite a long time since the last update, and I don’t want to make the wait longer than it already is.

Chapter 113: Unsheathing of the Sword

Before Xiao Jingyan was crowned a qin prince, whether it was in the inner palace, in the royal courts, or even for the Emperor himself, everyone felt that they had narrow options and were solving a problem with only two choices. It seemed that if you did not choose the Crown Prince, then you should choose Prince Yu, and if you did not choose Prince Yu, then you should choose the Crown Prince. Even if at this time, one did not clearly display the intent to support one or the other, it was inevitable that sooner or later, one of the two would take over the throne. Continue reading “Nirvana in Fire Chapter 113 Translation”

Dramas, Nirvana In Fire, Translation

Nirvana in Fire Chapter 112 Translation

I actually had pretty much this entire chapter other than the last few paragraphs translated for a long time, but then real life kicked in and I got crazy busy. I still can’t believe that it has already been three months since the last chapter I posted, since I was originally planning for a chapter a week. Hopefully I will get to more during winter break. If you haven’t read my translating disclaimer, it is at the beginning of Chapter 10 🙂 Please feel free to leave comments!

Chapter 112: A Cloud of Suspicion

After all matters were discussed, Prince Jing stood up to signal the conclusion of the meeting. With Prince Jing’s back to him, Mei Changsu took this opportunity to shoot a glance at Meng Zhi and signal to him. The General Commander was still deep in thought, processing the various analyses that Mei Changsu had just talked through, so he did not immediately understand what Mei Changsu was hinting about. It was not until Mei Changsu secretly mouthed some words to him that he suddenly remembered what he was instructed to do earlier. Continue reading “Nirvana in Fire Chapter 112 Translation”