Nirvana In Fire Translations:

I have translated chapters 7-11 of the original web version, and have decided to take up translating this novel again. Previously I had set down this project to do translations with a company, but am now taking a break while I am studying at a University. The wonderful Lang Ya Scribe has picked it up, and we are currently working on a collaboration to complete the rest of the novel. After Chapter 14, it becomes pretty much the same again. I am picking up this translation so that I can continue to learn along the way and also because of my unique love for this novel + drama!!

Special thanks to Eleanor, Moonlil, and Joyce for helping!

Find chapters prior here (Alternate version by Levvy)

Chapter 7: Different Ways

Chapter 8: Entering the Capital

Chapter 9: The Princess Royal

Chapter 10: Commander General Meng

Chapter 11: Princess Xiao Jingning

Find chapters in between here (By Langya Scribe)

Chapter 110: Rising Winds, Coming Storms

Chapter 111: A Favor

Chapter 112: A Cloud of Suspicion

Chapter 113: Unsheathing of the Sword

Chapter 114: Resentment

Chapter 115: Wind and Snow (By Lang Ya Scribe)

Chapter 116: Ambush

Chapter 117: Crisis

Chapter 118: Receiving News (By Langya Scribe)

Chapter 119: Palace Debate

Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Translations:

Song: Even if there is no outcome

Song: Yearning

Song: Three Lives, Three Worlds

Lost Love in Times Translations:

Song: Because of You

The Untamed Translations:

Song: The Untamed Main Theme with Notes

Song: The Untamed Main Theme Translation Only