Nirvana In Fire, Translation

New Collaboration & Chapters 120-135

As you may have seen from LYS, we’ve been pretty caught up with things and have not been able to translate regularly, so I’m super excited to announce an addition to our collaboration with Dawn! She has the next few chapters translated, which you can find below. Now that I am pursuing a double degree (with double minors!), my course load has drastically increased, but I will still be doing what I can to update and translate every once in awhile. For now, enjoy Dawn’s translations!

Chapter 120: Hidden Thorns

Chapter 121: Ties of Affection

Chapter 122: Right and Wrong

Chapter 123: The Beginning

Chapter 124: Hidden Hands

Chapter 125: Old Letter

Chapter 126: Puzzles

Chapter 127: Catastrophe

Chapter 128: Crisis (1)

Chapter 129: Crisis (2)

Chapter 130: Confrontation (1)

Chapter 131: Confrontation (2)

Chapter 132: Confrontation (3)

Chapter 133: Fatal Blow

Chapter 134: Old Case

Chapter 135: The Emperor’s Way


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