3 thoughts on “Nirvana in Fire Chapter 115 Translation”

  1. We are fast approaching one of my favorite scenes in the drama and I look forward to reading how it is described in the novel. Thanks!


  2. Are you still continuing this? If so, will you or Lang Ya scribe be publishing the next chapter? Do yall have any idea of a rough release schedule? Even if it’s just something like “one a month”, just so I and I’m sure other people too, can stop worrying if this has been dropped. Thank you!


    1. Hello there! Yes, we are still continuing this translation. The next chapter is actually scheduled to post tomorrow. We currently don’t have a rough release schedule and are just planning to trade off every 1-2 chapters depending on one another’s schedules. I think the current plan is around one chapter a month, but it could be more or less depending on the situation (eg: I have been in the middle of midterms these few weeks, and will have finals in June). We don’t plan on dropping the translation and are hoping to tag-team the rest of the translation to the best of our abilities, but are both quite busy. We are thankful for everyone’s comments and kind words, and thank you for your understanding!


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